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Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate, Tableau Featured Author, Tableau Ambassador.

I give voice to the numbers and the stories they have to tell, designing engaging graphics and writing news stories for Il Sole24Ore. I joined The Information Lab Italia in March 2017 as Data Analyst, Tableau/Alteryx Consultant.

With over five years of experience in online and print media, I am a reliable, dedicated and well-read young freelance data journalist. I have proven ability to pitch and write balanced, informative and compelling news stories to tight deadlines. I am confident in researching, writing and editing on a wide range of topics.

Università degli Studi

Bachelor degree of Science in Communication

Politecnico di Milano

Architectural Engineering

Liceo Scientifico A.Banfi

A-Level Scientific Lyceum

Tableau/Alteryx Consultant

The Information Lab Italia

Data Journalist

Il Sole24Ore

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I help organizations make data-driven decisions.

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Everything revolves around data, and more so every day. My work too.


French Elections 2017: First Round Results

The second dashboard of my French Election's data visualization story handled the analysis of the first round results.

Following the layout and design of the last dashboard (you can find it here), I created five little maps, which reflected the results of every candidate. The bigger one was instead coloured following the first-placed candidate by department.

This Viz was published on Info Data - Il Sole 24 Ore, at this link:

Click below and go to the interactive Viz!

French Elections 2017: First Round Polls

Every time there's an election, data people are excited to work on it! 

I made a lot of work for the last French Elections, trying to figure it out what was going on, analysing polls and results to create a data visualization story of this important democratic event. 

The first dashboard of this story was about the first round polls. The graphics focused on the top five candidates, those who had the potential to reach significant percentages. According to data collected by OpinionWay, independent candidate Emmanuel Macron was in charge of polls, with a 23%, ahead Marine Le Pen of a single percentage point.

The dashboard, with my article, was published on Info Data - Il Sole 24 Ore, at this link:

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Travels and holidays

It's time for vacations and travels!

I analysed the report on travels and holidays in Italy and abroad, published by Istat on March 31.

During 2016, for the first time after seven years, the number of trips and overnight stays made by residents in Italy increased. 66 million and 55 thousand of travels, with a positive change compared to the previous year ( + 13.7% ).

Italians travels has been decreasing since 2007. A trend that has affected not only leisure trips, but also trips for work reasons. 

In the Viz the most visited locations are organized on the "Tourist Line" (green) and "Workers Line" (red), in descending order. The trips to the Italian regions are compared inside the left box, that to European countries inside the right box. The percentages are calculated on the total travel for each respective sector. The percentages relative to the Italian regions compared to 100% of trips to Italy, those of the European countries compared to the total travel to European countries and so on about the rest of the world.

This Viz was published on Info Data - Il Sole 24 Ore, at this link:

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